The Spirit That Drives a Paralympic Champion, with Blake Haxton

Blake Haxton is a world-class athlete, winner of a silver medal at the 2020 Tokyo Paralympics Games in the sprint canoe. He graduated from Ohio State University with a finance degree in 2013 and a law degree in 2016 and now works for Diamond Hill Capital Management as a Research Analyst. Impressive achievements but even more impressive that this all occurred after contracting necrotizing fasciitis (more commonly known as the flesh-eating disease) and losing both of his legs during his senior year of high school. Blake is an inspiration to many. His personality, attitude, perseverance and kind nature draws people to him, many of which help support his long list of goals. This story is one that will give anyone perspective of what really matters in life and how to be grateful for something as simple as the presence of a friend or a family member in the room or by your side. For more about Blake including links to videos and articles detailing his journey, go to his web site,

A Passion for Being Challenged, with Dr. Joseph Maroon

Dr. Joseph Maroon’s is a world-renowned neurosurgeon at the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center. His biography and lists of achievement are truly remarkable as a neurosurgeon, scientist, Ironman athlete, consultant, author, and advocate on healthy living and nutrition. Yet despite all this amazing accomplishments, Dr. Maroon has often felt he was an underdog battling his smaller height and weight, coming from a small town, and losing his father at an early age. At age 41, he battled depression as his found himself too focused on his career. After reading, I Dare Youby William H. Danforth, Dr. Maroon began to better balance good health, his sense of spirituality, his work and his relationships. This insightful interview details his amazing journey after age 40 and how so many have benefited from his lessons and his work. For more on Dr. Maroon, you can check out his website or one of his 5 books, his most recent being Square One: A Simple Guide to a Balanced Life .

A monastic path, family life and timeless lessons with Neal Tew

Neal Tew is a proud father of fours kids living in Cincinnati, Ohio. Over the years, his brilliance and talent has helped him create many new ventures in his life including his own financial planning firm, a new boutique marketing firm called Brandstrength, a ground breaking youth squash association, and he is now the author of a new book titled, The Gospel Life: Three Years in a Monastery. On this episode, Matt discusses Neal’s faith and his longing to explore his spirituality which led him down many interesting paths including his studies of comparative religion at Harvard and the years he spent at a Catholic Monastery detailed in the book. This discussion is fascinating and full of many wonderful observations and lessons that will spark something for anyone who listens. Information about Neal’s recent book and his efforts to promote the wisdom of the monks can be found on his website: You can also learn more about Neal and his marketing business at

The Pivot

The Websters Dictionary for Pivot is to adapt or improve or modify something.   


Life is always full of periods when we have to pivot. As a cancer patient, I know that all too well. On this journey, you periodically find you need to pivot and trust in the next move. The pivot can be bring on anxiety if not made with the correct mindset at hand. The correct mindset for me includes knowing that move is being led with the feet of God directing me in the right open lane.


Today I am so grateful that I found and know God is so powerful and full of grace and mercy. I could not imagine making the pivot without the hand of God to lead me. 


I pray that those that do not know of God’s love and support of them, may they find it and embrace his hand of strength. 


How beautiful would our lives be if every neighbor of ours embraced God is a way that let them live free of the anxiety that holds them down today?


While I am pivoting in another medical direction, the work of God aided the hands that manufactured the treatment. He played a part in every phase of development. Words cannot describe how much gratitude I have for this development. 


I embrace the next move today with confidence knowing this door was opened by our Heavenly Father.


As we have heard from WGM Guest Jessica Hanna intentional prayer is prayer with much more purpose and clarity in desired outcome. For that reason, let me share with you what I will pray leading up to my first treatment. I will pray that God gives my immune system the strength and power to respond as best it can to fend off the bad cells that have present the issue.


Below are the three things I think about each day to get in the right frame of mind to tackle the task at hand.  


  1. Find the courage to be grateful regardless of how powerful the storm is.
  2. Be truly present to those you are with
  3. Pay attention to how you are feeding your mind body and soul.  


May everyone have a blessed weekend. 


God speed my friends. 


Building a New Life After a Car Accident with Will and Peter Smith

In 2011, the lives of Pete, Linda, Abbey and Will Smith were forever changed when on their way to Colorado in their rental RV their were struck by a truck driver who had fallen asleep. Several family members sustained injuries that they would be able to recover from but it was Will who suffered a brain injury and was left paralyzed. The recovery has been a challenge for all of them, but has been fueled by the dedication of father Peter who stepped down as the AD from Kenyon College to spend every day caring for his son. Listen in as Peter and Will share more details about their journey and all those that have supported them along the way. Their story, while tragic, is an inspiration to how a family has made the best of situation and found a path to back to living life to it’s fullest.

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