Nothing like having a workout buddy.

I have found that having a daily routine is very important. Getting the day started on the right foot. Prayer for me has been very important. Right after this exercise is extremely important. While I often train by myself I prefer to have a buddy. It is usually my wife Mary. We have several routines we work through together at 5:30am. I had a special guest recently and he was happy to step in as my exercise buddy. See my Brother Brion and I pushing it below. Be awesome today.

Healing Before You’re Cured

I had the fortunate opportunity to connect with Dr. Roy Vongtama shortly after my diagnosis. A great friend connect us. In short order Roy has become a friend I respect for everything he does to maximize his talents. I was fortunate to read the book before release. I was reminded how important diet, mental state, spiritual state and fitness are to recovery. While I need medicine, I was empowered knowing I have control of a lot in terms of how I respond. This book would be valuable to anyone dealing with any systemic disease. Everyday I am amazed how powerful the mind is. What goes into it you get out. Make it an awesome day. Thank you Dr. Vongtama.

I have Cancer but feel fantastic/ Thank you

On December 12, 2018 I got the news that no cancer patient wants to hear and that is it is back. I feel so fortunate that I have been surrounded by positive and supportive family and friends. It begins with my wife Mary. From day one, she has assured me I will persevere, and this has given me strength to do my part. My parents, brothers and sisters have been equally supportive. My mother and sister are both survivors and their fight has fueled me. Ironically, I was with my work friends when the news was presented. They have been over the top with support. I have heard from friends from years ago. This disease has brought me closer to the most important people in my life and I am grateful for this. I want to from the bottom of my heart thank everyone and anyone who has fought cancer before me. Because of the attention this disease has received my outlook and prognosis is strong. Thank you to all the research doctors on the development of treatments that afford me the opportunity to live a normal life during treatment. I am 5 treatment in and feel fantastic. I acknowledge that many types of cancer treatments still wash patients out and break their bodies down. I pray that these patients find the strength to keep fighting and trust that the next development which is around the corner will positively impact their recovery. My entire family thanks everyone for their support. We fight this together. I look forward to sharing with you the blessing I have uncovered through this disease. Thank you and be awesome today!