Be Awesome Today.

A dear friend of mine recently asked my how I can be awesome everyday. Well my brain started churning. Great question. On a relative basis, we are all awesome in perspective to someone else.

Think about it. Do you have a job, are you educated, do you have people around you who love you, did you get up today, did you have a hot meal, do you have a roof over your head, do you have money in the bank account, do you have a car, do you have the needed medical attention you need etc…..

You get my point. There are plenty of people who can say no to any of those. Relative to that individual you must be awesome. Celebrate this and share how awesome you are. You will be amazed at the response you get.

Just this morning as I was parking my car in a garage in Boston and a women got out of her car, she looks at me and said “good morning how are you?” I replied “awesome”. She then replied “how can you be so awesome this early in the morning?” Since she was getting out of her Mercedes, I thought I might have a teaching opportunity. As she went on her way for the day she said “thank you for sharing how awesome you are. I hope you continue to be awesome today.”

If you are not a fan of awesome, try remarkable or fabulous. Maybe fantastic. They all work.

While I know and recognize your days are not always perfect. We all have good days and bad ones. My question is do you want focus on what have or what you do not. Is it better to highlight your blessings or magnify the short comings? I would submit it is far more beneficial to all if we highlight our blessings.

Thank you for reading. I hope you find the courage emphasize your blessing today and find your awesome place.

My Bitmoji feels the same way I do. See below.

God speed.

Too many new cases

According to the American Cancer Society in the United States there are about 1,700,000 new cancer diagnosis each year. Thank you to enormous advancements with the treatments the majority of patients win. The first real push I recall for funding cancer research was done on the ESPN stage by Jimmy Valvano- Never Give Up. One of my favorite childhood memories was from 1983 when NC State upset Houston to win the National Championship. I was on a fishing trip with my dad and brothers. Today his message at the ESPYS is one of my favorite public speeches to watch. I get goose bumps every time I see this. While their are many winners against this disease, we can not stop moving forward. Roughly 600,000 lose their lives each year to this disease.

This week I was reminded how deadly this disease can be. Our dear friends Rachel Flammer lost her father to this disease. Our prayers are with Rachel, Greg and their entire family. He fought strong.

Thank you again to all those who have raised awareness. I continue to feel fantastic. This is a big week for us. We have the first post treatment scan. In my heart I feel I am responding favorably.

Regardless of the medical advancements we have made, there are things in your diet that you can do to impact your success. See the picture below to see how we should eat.

Let’s take responsibility and keep fighting together.

Make it an awesome day.

Everyone needs to reset periodically.

What an amazing week in Hilton Head with Mary, the Two girls and the Beitz family. It kicked off with Easter Sunday and ended with a bike ride on the beach.

We are so grateful for great friends, the opportunity to spend a week in Hilton Head and the weather.

We are back home to Buffalo today. We are leaving behind beautiful beaches, sunshine, awesome bike rides, golf, hush puppies, a dolphin boat ride, great fish, laughs and lifetime memories.

For all of those who are traveling back please travel safely. Make sure you take the time to reset periodically.

So blessed.

Todd Huston- A true inspiration

I had the opportunity to hear Todd Huston speak last summer at the Principal YOUniversity. Todd holds the world record for climbing the highest peaks in all 50 states in the shortest amount of time. While this is amazing, what is truly amazing is Todd is an amputee. Beyond this he has found so many blessing through the tragedy that took place when he was a young boy.

As I deal with the cancer I have, I am finding the joys a set back can bring. I met Todd last summer for a reason. I believe it was to help prepare me for the journey I lead now. You can be the victim or part of the solution.

My goal today is to help those fighting this disease to find the strength and power to fight optimistically. While we have no guarantee for tomorrow, we have today. What can I do today to better my odds.

Todd also talked about the power of love and how we need it. He would not have accomplished what he did without a lot of love around him. While receiving true love is awesome, giving it is extremely rewarding.

You can see more about Todd’s amazing story at

Thank you Todd for paying it forward. You are an inspiration.

Be Awesome today!

Nothing in life happens by accident!

As I mentioned in my initial blog I was at Principal’s National Sales meeting In San Diego CA in December when it was confirmed that my tumor was in fact malignant (cancer is back). The blessing was Principal had brought in the team from O2X to spend the day with to focus on areas ourselves that would help us preform more consistently and at higher levels. I was so excited for what these days had in store. Then the phone call from my Doctor. I quickly called my Mary. Then my parents. I had to decide do I stay or fly home. I thought I would benefit from the team at O2X. I stayed and had the opportunity to hear from a Nutritionalist expert, a stress management expert and a functional fitness guru. I was empowered to make some changes. I had set a goal 2 years ago to be in the best shape of my life at 50. While I am 50 now I have altered my goal. My new goal is to be the healthiest I have ever been at 50. Thank you to Paul McCullogh and his team at O2x for inspiring me to amend my goal. This new and improved goal does included fitness but in addition nutrition, stress management, etc…..

While I got some bad news I was also give the proper does of motivation to make some changes that will improve my quality of life for years to come. I am grateful to have been with the team from O2X when I was presented the news. I was exactly where I as supposed to be.

We ended our day with Paul and his team with a functional training session on the beach. The picture below is right after the training.

If you want to learn more about them you can go to

Here is to being the healthiest you have ever been.

Let’s help each other. Be awesome today.