Attitude- what role can it play on where you go?

Thank you to my mother I have been familiar with the Attitude quote by Charles Swindoll since I was a young boy. She had it prominently displayed in our home growing up. It was so prominent that when I moved out I was given one for myself. Today it is displayed in our bathroom off our kitchen.

“I am convinced life is 10% what happens to me and 90% how I react to it.”

Just last week you read about being awesome. Well at 7am this morning I had an awesome experience. As I walked across the street at the airport terminal I said “hello how are you today” to the security guard. His response as “awesome.” So I am not the only person that thinks this way. I took a brief moment to discuss being awesome with the security guard. Very cool.

Back to the Charles Swindoll quote. There is absolutely greatness that is not only inside you but around you. What do you see. Do you see the mistakes, the shortcomings, the bad news and the challenges ahead of you. Or do you see your accomplishments, your wins, bright news and the opportunities that have been presented. Your attitude is your choice.

I can share with you that with my disease I have been more clearly and acutely made aware of the blessing I have. Today I am grateful to my mother for introducing myself to this quote as a young boy. It is with me today.

Today I pray we have to courage to embrace what happens to us and that we respond with absolute love.

Have an awesome day.

God speed!

The Jesuit Impact/ Ted Talk

I watched a Ted Talk the other night and it was by Michael Jr. Michael Jr is a comedian with a purpose. He is both hilarious and inspirational.

What is your purpose?

Having spent 8 years in school with the Jesuits I did not realize what an impact they had on me. So grateful for this foundation. Behind the name of a Jesuit you will see AMDG. What does AMDG mean? “For the greater glory of God.”

In Michael Jr’s Ted talk he ends by encouraging us to not ask what we can get but what we can give in a relationship. Why this is exactly what the Jesuits preach. Men and Women for others. Not men and women for themselves. What can we give.

Pictured below is me following a Xavier NCAA tournament game. In the picture are my brother Bill, nephew Liam and the President of Xavier Fr Graham. All three have given me so much. I remember Fr. Graham when I was in school he was the strongest person in the Gym. He influenced my interest in training. My brother influenced me on leadership and being a loyal friend. Liam has taught me what grit and determination can do. Thank you.

While this week we got fantastic news. The job is not complete. I have to continue living Gods will. I am not ultimately where I want to be. While I am responding well, I in my heart know I can be cancer free. This is not possible if I am complacent with the results this week. While fantastic, no baseball team has won the World Series in April or May. It is a long season. I am going to fight each day. When I say fight, I really mean live healthy: diet, stress management, fitness, nurture my relationships (including my one with God). Fight sounds like a struggle. I feel remarkable better when living this way.

May you have an awesome weekend and thank you for all of your love and support.

God speed.

Thank you! Thank you!

I want to take this opportunity to thank all of you who have been thinking of me. Your prayers are working. We met with our medical team this morning and they put my response in the “fantastic” category. Did you hear the big sigh I just released?

I think Mary and I were prepared to see no new growth. The fact that we have seen a “fantastic” response is bonus news.

I came in for my scan Tuesday and ran into Katy, my clinical nurse. I mentioned to her that I wanted good news on Thursday. She was in the room with me today when we were presented with the news. I looked at her to make sure that she did not convince the doctor to humor me. She assured me the medicine is working. My entire medical team now knows my sense of humor. This team I speak of- is truly world class. A Dynasty. Thank you team for all that you do!

While I am no expert in patient response, I do believe that prayer is a big factor in my positive news today. The love Mary and I are feeling through our journey is amazing. We thank you.

Like with anything if we are not improving we are moving backwards. I personally can get better at a few things. While my diet has been better it has not been “fantastic”. Just being honest. This will change.

While yesterday I was awesome, today I am feeling more awesome than that..

I personally pray that today God will allow things to progress favorably. My Dad has always said “do your work, say your prayers and leave the rest to God”… I am so grateful for his influence on my life.

May you have a fantastic day! Again, thank you for your love, support and prayers.

Be Awesome Today.

A dear friend of mine recently asked my how I can be awesome everyday. Well my brain started churning. Great question. On a relative basis, we are all awesome in perspective to someone else.

Think about it. Do you have a job, are you educated, do you have people around you who love you, did you get up today, did you have a hot meal, do you have a roof over your head, do you have money in the bank account, do you have a car, do you have the needed medical attention you need etc…..

You get my point. There are plenty of people who can say no to any of those. Relative to that individual you must be awesome. Celebrate this and share how awesome you are. You will be amazed at the response you get.

Just this morning as I was parking my car in a garage in Boston and a women got out of her car, she looks at me and said “good morning how are you?” I replied “awesome”. She then replied “how can you be so awesome this early in the morning?” Since she was getting out of her Mercedes, I thought I might have a teaching opportunity. As she went on her way for the day she said “thank you for sharing how awesome you are. I hope you continue to be awesome today.”

If you are not a fan of awesome, try remarkable or fabulous. Maybe fantastic. They all work.

While I know and recognize your days are not always perfect. We all have good days and bad ones. My question is do you want focus on what have or what you do not. Is it better to highlight your blessings or magnify the short comings? I would submit it is far more beneficial to all if we highlight our blessings.

Thank you for reading. I hope you find the courage emphasize your blessing today and find your awesome place.

My Bitmoji feels the same way I do. See below.

God speed.

Too many new cases

According to the American Cancer Society in the United States there are about 1,700,000 new cancer diagnosis each year. Thank you to enormous advancements with the treatments the majority of patients win. The first real push I recall for funding cancer research was done on the ESPN stage by Jimmy Valvano- Never Give Up. One of my favorite childhood memories was from 1983 when NC State upset Houston to win the National Championship. I was on a fishing trip with my dad and brothers. Today his message at the ESPYS is one of my favorite public speeches to watch. I get goose bumps every time I see this. While their are many winners against this disease, we can not stop moving forward. Roughly 600,000 lose their lives each year to this disease.

This week I was reminded how deadly this disease can be. Our dear friends Rachel Flammer lost her father to this disease. Our prayers are with Rachel, Greg and their entire family. He fought strong.

Thank you again to all those who have raised awareness. I continue to feel fantastic. This is a big week for us. We have the first post treatment scan. In my heart I feel I am responding favorably.

Regardless of the medical advancements we have made, there are things in your diet that you can do to impact your success. See the picture below to see how we should eat.

Let’s take responsibility and keep fighting together.

Make it an awesome day.