WGM Show #39. A Visit to Heaven and Back, with Paul and Beth Zucarelli


Whether it be running into an old friend, healing from a disease, or just a random song that shows up at the right time, we often attribute events in our lives to just an amazing coincidence. Or could it be that these coincidences are God’s presence in our day and we just don’t see it? In this podcast, let your faith take a ride as Paul Zucarelli shares his story where he experienced death after he unexpectedly went into cardiac arrest and was revived through intercessory prayer by many. Let his faith be a testament of the purpose God has for us, the power of prayer and the presence of the Holy Spirit in our day and in our coincidences. Paul and his wife Beth sit down with Matt and talk about how Paul’s healing shined light on their true purpose of helping others become closer to Jesus. You can also learn more about Paul on his website https://faithunderstood.org/ or through his book, Faith Understood, An Ordinary Man’s Journey to the Presence of God available on Amazon. You can also view this interview on YouTube here.

Finding Balance and Personal Fulfillment, with Dr. Tom Jenike

In 2011, Dr. Tom Jenike was a family practice physician in Charlotte raising his son and daughter. From the outside, you could see layers of success and achievement. But on the inside was a different picture. In the balancing of a grueling schedule, a commitment to patients and the demands of family, something wasn’t right and Tom realized he had found some blind spots that needed to be addressed. He began working with executive coach, Nicholas Beaman, and over the course of a year found a name for what he was feeling – burnout. With this awareness, he dove in and began a personal growth journey that brought major life changes, deeper personal relationships, and a sense of renewal that inspired him to share this growth with others. His courage to share led his hospital system to create a pilot program and the opportunity for Dr. Jenike to transition to the Chief Well Being Officer for Novant Health. In this role, Dr. Jenike supports the resiliency, wellness and leadership of Novant’s 37,000 team members allowing other doctors, nurses, and staff the chance to address their own blind spots and find a healthier balance through this life-changing work. The impact has been beyond what anyone dreamed and is revitalizing careers, igniting personal relationships, and providing long-term tools to prevent burnout. Listen in or view on YouTube this candid and very personal story that Dr. Jenike shares with Matt. To learn more about this transformative work that Dr. Jenike and the Novant team are doing to build their culture, go the the Novant website or you may contact the department directly at Wellbeingandresiliency@novanthealth.org.


Proof of Resilience and Love, with Mary Curran Hackett

Mary Curran Hackett is today a popular author of several novels and a highly sought after international ghostwriter. Her story to reach this point is inspiring and brave as she has risen up from a low point after surviving a rape over 20 years ago. This tragedy propelled her in many directions but it was these challenges that shaped many of her strengths today. In much of her writing and speaking engagements including this interview with Matt, she shares the wisdom from her journey and the foundation she now has. Many have benefited via her articles, blogs, and essays which have been featured in magazines, on the radio, anthologies, and on national television. She has now edited hundreds of books and ghostwritten over twenty published books for some of the world’s leading executives, entrepreneurs, doctors, artists, celebrities, and religious leaders. Her novels include such hits as, Proof of Heaven (2011), Proof of Angels (2014), The Capital One Story (2020), and The Sephora Story (2020). Mary previously taught writing and literature for University of Cincinnati. Mary is also helping several clients write their own books, while still managing to find time to work on her own memoir and next novel. She is married to Greg Hackett and the proud mother of two children. To learn more about Mary, visit here here website – www.marycurranhackett.com. If you wish to see the video version of this interview, it can be viewed here – https://youtu.be/BuuYRIr0CAo

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Playing Golf With Cancer, One Day and One Hole at a Time, with Brian Morris


Brian Morris is a loving husband and father of 5 and the head golf pro at Ocean View Golf Course in Bermuda. He grew up around golf and always hoped for a chance to play in a PGA event. However in 2019, the 54 year old was diagnosed with Stage IV cancer. He is today being treated regularly for his esophageal and stomach cancer. But supporting this treatment plan is his incredible spirit and positive approach which is helping him battle like crazy to keep beating the odds. His family and friends have been the beneficiaries of his brave battle. He got to celebrate with them all in October 2021 when a sponsor’s exemption allowed him to make his PGA Tour debut at the Bermuda Championship. It was a dream come true and truly a reward for his approach to how he lives every day. Enjoy this heart-warming interview and learn more about all the people Brian is inspiring.

A Man of Character On and Off the Field, with Luke Kuechly

Luke Kuechly is considered to be one of the best NFL linebackers of all-time. He played 8 seasons with the Carolina Paranthers, beginning in 2012 when he led the league in tackles and won the NFL Defensive Rookie of the Year award. In 2013, he became the youngest ever to win the NFL Defensive Player of the Year award and began a streak of 6 straight Pro Bowl selections. Luke’s lists of awards piled up more each year including winning the NFL Art Rooney Sportsmanship Award Winner in 2017 before retiring from the NFL in 2019. His athleticism, vision and feel for the game made every one of his teams better going back to his high school days at St. Xavier in Cincinnati where he helped his 2007 team go 15-0 and take the #1 ranking in the country. He then attended Boston College where he set a school record for tackles (2nd in NCAA) and was a 2 time All-American. Since retiring, Luke is focusing on his family and is enjoying his time hunting and fishing. In this interview, Matt and Luke discuss some of his career highlights and the roots of his character formation growing up in Cincinnati.