Nothing like having a workout buddy.

I have found that having a daily routine is very important. Getting the day started on the right foot. Prayer for me has been very important. Right after this exercise is extremely important. While I often train by myself I prefer to have a buddy. It is usually my wife Mary. We have several routinesContinue reading “Nothing like having a workout buddy.”

Healing Before You’re Cured

I had the fortunate opportunity to connect with Dr. Roy Vongtama shortly after my diagnosis. A great friend connect us. In short order Roy has become a friend I respect for everything he does to maximize his talents. I was fortunate to read the book before release. I was reminded how important diet, mental state,Continue reading “Healing Before You’re Cured”

I have Cancer but feel fantastic/ Thank you

On December 12, 2018 I got the news that no cancer patient wants to hear and that is it is back. I feel so fortunate that I have been surrounded by positive and supportive family and friends. It begins with my wife Mary. From day one, she has assured me I will persevere, and thisContinue reading “I have Cancer but feel fantastic/ Thank you”